The Maynooth Bookshop

The Maynooth University Bookshop Maynooth aims to create an inviting and memorable experience for book lovers. Through strategic brand development and impactful signage, The Maynooth Bookshop successfully communicates its commitment to providing a wide range of books and exceptional customer service. The brand development and signage initiatives contribute to an enhanced atmosphere, improved customer engagement, and increased brand loyalty for The Maynooth Bookshop.

Services provided: Project-based, Consulting, and Coaching.


  • Client

    The Maynooth Bookshop

  • Industry

    Retail Book Shop

  • Timeline

    2 months

The Maynooth Bookshop

Our Process

Challenges we faced – Meet the deadline to design the brand’s identity and visual material for the bookshop. 

Solution – We focused on the space to create the designs for the windows, and really cared for the visual impression inside the bookshop. Timeline – 2 months.

What we provided

●Brand Visual Identity
●Brand Guidelines Manual
●Retail shop layout and visual material
●Shop Front designs
●Point of sale
●Creation of an external and internal communication plan.

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