Fleming Real Estate

Fleming Real Estate agency Ireland aims to revitalize its digital presence and engage with a wider audience. Through strategic rebranding efforts, Fleming Real Estate has successfully updated its website, online marketing materials, and digital communications to reflect its expertise and commitment to exceptional real estate services. The digital rebranding project has contributed to an enhanced user experience, improved online visibility, and strengthened brand recognition for Fleming Real Estate in the Ireland.

Services provided:  Project-based, Consulting, and Coaching.


  • Client

    Fleming Real Estate

  • Industry

    Fleming Real Estate

  • Timeline

    3 months

Fleming Real Estate

Our Process

Challenges we faced – Meet the deadline to create and design a personal brand that reflects high-standards in real estate services.

Solution – We tried to focus on real estate lifestyles and customers in order to create the perfect Visual logo and website for the company, which is a combination of traditional & modern typography. Timeline – 3 months.

What we provided

● Brand Visual Identity system
● New Brand Guidelines
● Brochure
● Commercial and residential signs
● Social and Media designs
● Website Design and Development
● Creation of an easy to navigate UI & UX bespoke website
● SEO, Google AdWords and Social Media Set Up

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