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We are a Marketing Services agency in Ireland and offer a complete package of effective marketing services that we adapt to customize for your company’s needs. Our agency uses a perfect blend of conventional marketing methods along with modern technology giving the client a professional approach to their web and digital strategy.


Marketing Services We Provide

Audit and Competitors' Positioning

The Brand You team can jump right in and audit your existing brand. Before we commence, we have to determine where you brand stands, so we can iron out any anomalies or inaccuracies.

The audit takes into account whether the identity is consistent with your brand values and direction. It’s crucial to monitor this over time to maintain relevancy and on-point brand governance. Brand You keeps abreast of the competition and adjusts its market position accordingly. Once changes are made, we can confidently commence your new strategy.

Marketing Strategy

Audiences don’t stay the same so why should your brand? If it doesn’t change and evolve over time, it will look and feel old quite quickly. With Brand You in charge of your current and future marketing strategy, we take multiple factors into account and monitor trends in web design, website development and smartphones, and strategize a strong marketing campaign to fit your company’s current needs.

Creative Concepts

Brand You Web Design & Digital Agency develops your concepts into reality and provides full support to ensure your project is positioned in place through the digital medium and a well-designed website to reflect your brand.

Everyone has their favourite way of getting creative, but it’s quite another thing to do it for a    living, while meeting a deadline and to come up with a concept that resonates with who you are. Whether it’s the core and foundation of your brand, an adjunct campaign to promote a new line or an area you want to diversify into, Brand You is here to simplify your ideas and turn them into workable campaigns.

Strategic PR and Advertising Plan

Brand You is well-equipped to execute promotions on both digital and analogue media. Whether your company’s goal is to attract more paying customers or sell more products, the key is effective marketing, proper planning, coordination and implementation.

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We are seasoned experts in the marketing industry, we combine the best methods and techniques of traditional marketing with the best innovative technologies and processes that come out of the new-era internet marketing.

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