Treacy’s Carpets and Furniture is a leading retailer of carpets, Iiving room furniture, flooring and fabrics. The brand has a wide selection of furniture that suits all tastes from traditional to contemporary furniture.


• Create a brand visual identity and branding & marketing strategy

• Develop an easy to navigate Ul and UX online e-commerce website

• Improve the performance on SEO, Google Adwords and Social Media Markcting for the brand to reach the target audience

• Improve overall architecture and navigation to enable easier browsing and a better user experience

Slide Bring-It-All-Together-1 The Treacy's Carpets Furniture website reflects the brands vision and displays the best furniture products in the whole of Ireland. The website has an easy to navigate functionality which guides the user from one page to another in mere 2 seconds. Our team of expert branding web designers and developers came to together to create a brand which would stand out amongst the crowd and create an impact on the audience.

The content strategy is significantly stronger, with improved lateral navigation opportunities between products, blog posts and financial information. Through an on-going marketing partnership, we continue to help Treacy's Carpets and Furniture drive website traffic through monthly reporting and consultation
PHASE 3 Prototyping Treacy's Carpets and Furniture is a leading retail store in Kilkenny, Ireland that specializes in carpets, furniture and flooring. They like to keep their website and its content simple, but they recognized the need to update with technology and create a more user-friendly website along with improving their digital strategy and marketing.

The website was created on the bases of driving content strategy and creating an engaging product catalogue site and deepening their existing content for both search and user experience. We wanted to provide more opportunities for visitors to get to know Treacy's Carpets and Furniture, with more content around design, lifestyle and home improvements. The website and marketing revolved around creating unique experiences for the audience in whole of Ireland.
team-1-fixx PHASE 2 the-aprroach The Treacy's Carpets and Furniture website design included an easy to navigate UI and UX e-commerce website experience. The brand's visual identity and message is followed on the complete website with their brand message reflecting on each product and page. The objective of the website was to keep it simple and stay true to their brand's vision and position.

Along the way there were various challenges we faced such as meeting deadlines to create a modern look that would be familiar with the image of the business. Additionally developing a functional website with various forms of products was not an easy task. However, with a skilled team of designers and developers we were able to create a visual logo based on a brand that brings everyone together.

Even the digital strategy and marketing is in support of the brand's message and identity. From laying out monthly content plans to creating engaging and interactive campaigns, Treacy's Carpets and Furniture has left a mark on their target audience through their unique and original products. The brand has stayed with us for over 10 years and has received our on-going support for website updating maintenance, marketing campaigns and consultation.
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The Old Bank Dungarvan, a modern Italian restaurant with traditional values is nestled in Waterford, Ireland, providing its guests authentic cuisines prepared with the freshest ingredients. The great ambience of The Old Bank Dungarvan has elegant lighting that matches the ethos of the Italian cuisine that they offers quality food accompanied with excellent hospitality and vibrant ambiance wich they can enjoy while sipping on delectable cocktails.


• Create a high-end website to reflect the brand and company culture

• Develop a brand and marketing strategy to build their profile

• Design Social Media, SEO, and Google Adwords strategy to reach their target audience in the best method

Slide Bring-It-All-Together-11 The Old Bank Dungarvan website is an inviting and intuitive user experience. Customized content and images along with a robust location and reservation page helps the customer to find the restaurant and book a table according to their preference. The menu page is easily updated to reflect their current offerings and ingredient information. Their brand story telling is further elevated through their content shared on various social media platforms.
PHASE 3 Prototyping1 Chef Tom Walsh took over a former 19th-century bank in Dungarvan, built in 1860 as a town hall, and turned it into a unique restaurant space. The Old Bank Dungarvan is an elegant restaurant that serves its customers innovative cocktails, appetizers along with a private dining area. Experience the finest mixology in Ireland, specializing in house-made ingredients and freshly obtained local products.

We bought this vibrant aesthetic through into the website design by really capturing the essence of the brand and atmosphere of the venue online. The website need to reflect the brand and its values and enhance the over user experience all whilst being online. Helping the users quickly find what they needed was a top priority and to achieve this goal we structured the website around creating a clear path to the menus, reservation, and location.
team-1-fixx1 PHASE 2 the-aprroach1 The rustic yet modern style of the website is instantly a stand out feature, combining vibrant images and creative content to achieve the final results. The main aim of Old Bank Dungarvan's website was to create a look and feel to reflect their brand and company culture. We paired the clean blues and warm gold of their palettes with eye catching imagery and text. Each page uses engaging images and modern typography to convey their brand's message.

Creating a website is no easy task and we faced many challenges during the process. To develop an existing visual design message which relates to the existing brand was a bit of a challenge. However with the involvement of the owner, regular meetings and nderstanding what the client needs, we were able to deliver a high-end website within 16 weeks.
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Cultivate, a sub company of are a government department sponsoring the food sustainability process from farm to table.Focused and serving European countries, Poland, Czech Republic and future extension to European countries. The company has branches in America and Ireland and the Operations Director and EU Head of Sustainability is Irish.



•Create a Brand Name that would stand out within the industry

•Develop a Brand identity system which would be representing the brand and the company in the market place

•Designed a Brand style guide to help create a universal guidelines to follow

•Created a Brand Guidelines for the company

•Design Social Media, web, and digital design strategy to reach their target audience in the best method

Slide Bring-It-All-Together-11 The brand name for Cultivate is visually engaging and better tells the story of their passion for the food industry. The brand name is created with keeping the parent brand in mind and the services the company provides to the customers. We made the process really simple for the client and everything was done through online meetings with the project being completed within 8 weeks. PHASE 3 Prototyping1 OSI Group the parent brand of Cultivate is a premier global food provider, with the world's leading foodservice and retail food brands to provide concept-to-table solutions that delight consumers around the globe. With the infrastructure and financial resources of one of the largest privately held food providers, they offer customers extensive capabilities to source, develop, produce and distribute custom food solutions anywhere in the world.

OSI group approached us to create a new platform with a brand concept that showcased their services and capabilities of providing food solutions. We were challenged to create a brand identity that totally transcended the category of food providers. We needed to show how established and unique the company was by differentiating them from all their competitors.

team-1-fixx1 PHASE 2 the-aprroach1 Through our extensive research process and online meetings with the team, we created the new brand name and identity for 'Cultivate'. This encapsulates what OSI Group stands for in terms of entrepreneurial passion and agility that brings curiosity and a can-do ethic to customer collaborations. The concept was then further developed through constant creation of names followed by designing story boards for presentation to head managers.

A few weeks' deadline to develop naming and brand identity system for European food sustainability program similar to McDonalds, through online meeting was a challenge. The name is a visual representation of the company, with the brand identity reflecting in the name. This creates an almost uneasy visual experience, but one which still has clarity, professionalism and a premium qualities, something as a company OSI Group are always striving for.
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