JC Paella Man

With a focus on JC Paella Man food retail agency in Dublin, the company has attracted a loyal customer base and continues to improve business results. Their commitment to delivering delicious and authentic paella, coupled with their strong branding efforts, sets them apart from the competition.

By creating a unique brand experience and effectively marketing their services, JC Paella Man has achieved significant growth and customer recognition, leading to enhanced business outcomes and continued success in the culinary industry.

Services provided: Project-based, On-going support, Consulting, and Coaching.


  • Client

    JC Paella Man

  • Industry

    Online Health Store

  • Timeline

    6 month plan, Ongoing support

JC Paella Man

Our Process

Challenges we faced – Creating a food business from the personality of John Crawford. Naming took some time to complete and along with all the brand’s identity and design along with food nutritional and sell-by dates in the laboratory. The process took some time to complete. We also had to do the vehicle design and work with the HSE to deliver all the certifications for the client to trade.

Timeline – 6-month plan and strategy and Ongoing support.

What we provided

● Brandind & Marketing development
● Naming
● Visual Identity system
● Packaging
● Labels
● Nutritional properties
● Brochures
● Videos
● Bags
● Certifications
● Social media strategy
● Created a new brand strategy

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