DR. Hempme

Dr Hemp online health store Ireland has effectively communicated its values and expertise in the hemp industry. By developing a unique brand visual identity that reflects their commitment to natural and high-quality products, Dr Hempme stands out in the market.

Their strategic use of branding, coupled with targeted marketing initiatives, has enabled Dr Hempme to build trust among customers and establish a strong reputation. Through their branding efforts, Dr Hempme continues to create a lasting impact on the Irish hemp industry.

Services provided: Project-based, Consulting, and Coaching.


  • Client

    DR. Hempme

  • Industry

    Online Health Store

  • Timeline

    2 months

DR. Hempme

Our Process

Challenges we faced– Design a branding strategy for the business to be more recognizable and develop a catchy name that reflects what they do. 

Solution – We decided to use the main product as a logo, to create an analogy. 

Timeline – 2 months.

What we provided

● Brand naming
● Brand Visual Identity system
● Brand new logo
● Creation of an easy to navigate UI & UX Online ecommerce website
● SEO, Google AdWords and Social Media Set Up

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