Balance Expo

Balance Expo exhibition company in Ireland has successfully positioned itself as a premier destination for wellness and balance. Through a comprehensive branding exhibition in Ireland, Balance Expo has effectively showcased its core values, attracting both exhibitors and attendees.

The event’s branding efforts have contributed to its reputation as a must-attend event for those seeking personal growth and holistic well-being. By consistently delivering an immersive and impactful experience, Balance Expo continues to evolve its branding strategies, connecting with a diverse audience in Ireland.

Services provided: Project-based, Consulting, and Coaching.


  • Client

    Rye Institute

  • Industry


  • Timeline

    3 months


Our Process

Challenges we faced – A few weeks’ deadlines to create a logo that looked and felt in balance without being too redundant, and to design promotional items for the company. 

Solution – Colours that represent concentration, and meditation, and give you the feeling of being in control.

Timeline – 3 months.

What we provided

● Brand Visual Identity System
● Print & digital media material
● UI & UX Online bespoke website
● Realization of business cards and brand brochures
● All designs, SEO, Google AdWords and Social Media set up.

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