Modern website design should no longer be static. With the ever-so-changing design trends, you’d have to be on top of your site’s look to keep your customers on their toes. Brand You provides site design and complete management to ensure your site remains fresh, functional, and attractive to potential customers.

Other web dev services of Brand You include e-zine management, professional blogging, online marketing, web design, site management, analytics, and site advertising.

E-zine Management

Brand You has successfully launched numerous eZine campaigns on popular systems like Aweber, Mail Chimp, Constant Contact, and more. Our complete marketing offer includes e-zine management, a special service that involves newsletter development (writing, editing and design), “publication” and marketing.

Website Updates

Aside from keeping website design fresh, Brand You can also manage updates of new products, content, themes, plug-ins, or other site elements – all of which are essential in keeping customers in the loop and maintaining rankings.

Online Marketing

Online marketing used to be just “spreading the word” of a site. Today, you’d be amazed by the number of marketing techniques used by webmasters. For some people, choosing between these techniques can be tricky, even if all of them help businesses bring in new opportunities for growth.

As marketing professionals for decades, we’ve retained old (yet profitable) methods and combined them with new marketing techniques. Give Brand You the reins to your online marketing campaign, and save time, money and effort with proven techniques done right the first time.

Banner Advertising

After years of using the internet, people have developed the phenomenon called ad blindness, wherein visitors of a website consciously ignore any banner-like content. If you rely on banner advertising for your site’s income, Brand You can help solve this dilemma.


Contrary to popular belief, blogging isn’t just reserved for individuals’ online diary. Instead, blogging remains one of the most consistent methods of bringing in traffic in a site. Unfortunately, blogs take time to write, edit and promote.

If you’re interested in a professional blog writing service, Brand You offers a blogging-done-for-you service, handling everything from content creation and content marketing to SEO, so you can attend to your business’ other pressing matters.

HTML Brochures

Eye-catching digital brochures make great marketing tools. Done right, HTML brochures are easily embedded into a website, shared via social media, or sent directly via e-mail. Brand You is on top of HTML brochure design trends and can craft one for your business anytime.

Website Analytics

With Brand You Creative’s web analytics service, we’ll be able to track campaigns, behaviours, activities, and goals on your website. Knowing monthly data of visitors for every page, number of downloads for a free e-book, or sales of a particular product gives you a bigger picture about what future activities you should focus on.

Domain Registration & Hosting

Every website needs its own domain name and hosting plan. If you’re in the earlier stages of planning your website, Brand You can assist you in choosing the best domain name for your brand and most appropriate hosting plan for your needs.

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BrandYou is a web and digital company that partners with your business. Together, we will execute your business ideas into a creative digital marketing form.

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