Social media has become a major part of online marketing. As a business, it’s important that your company is accessible to every social media platform such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn. With proper use of social media, you can attract, engage and convert leads into loyal, paying customers.

Brand You Web & Digital Agency offer a professional social media service including strategic planning to day-to-day management, branding, handling contests, post-boosting and sponsorships. Let our team of social media experts help you with:

Social Media Strategy

Brand You can research, plan and implement your social media marketing campaign for maximum results. Depending on what the objectives are, our team will work closely with you until your company has built brand awareness and reached tangible results on every social media platform applicable.

Creation and Scheduling of Social Campaigns

Popular brands on Instagram and Twitter have reached impressive levels of engagement not just because of effective branding, but also due to quality posts and scheduling backed by proper analytical data.

Brand You can help with scheduling social media campaigns so that they coincide with TV and media campaigns.

Guidelines Creation (Style, Tone of Voice, Personas)

The trickiest part of managing multiple social media accounts is maintaining a voice, writing style or “persona” across the board. As a company that has spent heavily invested in branding, it’s a must that you create a guideline for social media managers to follow.

Before the Brand You team can deliver an on-point brand for you, all elements must combine into a cohesive message. Even the tone of the wording carries an emotional intent and undertone the reader can sense, so its needs to be right. This also goes with the colours and style, which should be done in such a way that would attract potential customers.

Creation of Guidelines on Content and Posts

Like in traditional media, online content carries certain moral and legal criteria needed observed to avoid penalties. Facebook, Instagram, and even platforms like Google have their own guidelines that all users whether you’re a CEO of an enterprise or just an individual entrepreneur these guidelines must be adhered to.

To keep your social media accounts from getting banned, Brand You can guide you with content creation, crafting guidelines for social media managers ensuring that all posts are fully compliant and up to date with current policies.

Profile Set Up and Branding

Need help setting up your social media platform Brand You offer a wide range of services to help you set-up account profiles, such as logo design, profile pictures, initial posts, “info” section, and advanced settings that would be in line with your company’s privacy policies and ensuring a coherent consistent brand.

Content Management

With Brand You an efficient content management service. With an online system that uses Dropbox as our means of sending new content and images meetings no longer have to be face-to-face. You can approve, tweak or send back content all within house.

Updates, Posts and Content Creation

The whole internet is driven by content and people consume vast amounts of it every minute. For companies new to social media, Brand You can make all the tasks manageable, so that no updates and posts have to be complicated. We’re here to ensure fresh, vibrant and engaging content is delivered and posted on schedule.

Customer Engagement

In a time where customer engagement must be any company’s priority in social media. The Brand You team knows that this takes comprehensive research to determine what your readers want, fresh creative content, and a sustained focus in delivering eye-catching intriguing or entertaining content for your audience.

Content Sponsoring and Post Boosting

Facebook, Instagram and other social media platforms make it easy for companies to promote products and services by “boosting” or “sponsoring” content. These types of promotions involve fees and a set of posting guidelines, which Brand You have an expert team who will consult and advise you on this process.

Training and Consultancy

In addition to implementing the work for you, Brand You has specific coaching programmes to empower you to grow your company. Our coaching programme is tried-and-tested and bespoked to your specific requirements.

Social Reporting and ROI Monitoring

At Brand You analytics is a crucial part in every marketing effort. Even if your efforts are currently focused on social media, tracking activities gauge ROI and the success of a campaign.

Social reporting pinpoints what your audience is saying about your company, good or bad. Market research helps companies improve customer service, handle product complaints, and provide value to your customers.

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BrandYou is a web and digital company that partners with your business. Together, we will execute your business ideas into a creative digital marketing form.

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