As an old school marketing agency that has evolved into a full-blown digital marketing company, you can guarantee that Brand You Web & Digital Agency has created concepts, completed ad campaigns, designed promotional campaigns, helped with corporate identity, and provided traditional marketing services to companies here and abroad.

All of these marketing services require some kind of design one way or another. Check out the design services our team of highly-skilled and creative graphic designers can provide

Corporate Identity

Corporate identity is the human face of your company’s bricks and mortar… its R&D, its HR, its IPO, COO, CEO, and its global reach across continents. Your company’s identity includes the way you treat your human capital, your moral compass and compassion in providing value for your market, all of this and more.

For existing companies, it’s not easy to describe its identity… You need another set of outside eyes looking in. For new companies, developing a corporate identity should be done with the help of pros like the Brand You team.

Cold hard facts can attract new customers and build brand awareness, but it’s the “good feeling” towards your company’s products and services that makes customers stay and spread the word about what you offer.

Creative Concepts

Everyone has their favourite way of getting creative, but it’s quite another thing to do it for a living, while meeting a deadline and to come up with a concept that resonates with who you are. Whether it’s the core and foundation of your brand or an adjunct campaign to promote a new line or an area you want to diversify into, Brand You is here to simplify your ideas and turn these creative ideas into workable campaigns.

Advertising Campaigns

Brand You Web & Digital Agency is home to a team of exceptional story-tellers. And since the best ad campaigns tell a story – one that is familiar to our market yet takes them on a journey which still thrills and delights – your campaign will be handled by the best people you could find.

Script writers in Hollywood know this well; and there are a number of tried and tested principles that work and resonate with human soul. A great example of a story that tugs the heartstring is about…THE HEROES JOURNEY.

Promotional Campaigns

Promotional campaigns are effective tools in creating brand awareness and driving web traffic to your site. At Brand You, we can brainstorm, design and implement campaigns, whether it’s for the launch of a band extension, a completely new product, or a promotional campaign to tie in with seasonal offers or other trigger events.

Exhibition Design

Exhibitions can be a great way to generate more enquiries and sales. But like with any other marketing efforts you launch publicly, it’s important that the presentation of your stand(s) match the brand identity you have created in your marketing collaterals.

Stand Design

Brand You will help you develop your brand and marketing package, which includes guidelines for your company’s specific style, design, colour and layout of your core brand. This way, whenever you hire outside contractors, they’ll be able to follow you graphic criteria and ensure branding consistency throughout all your marketing efforts.

Digital Brochures

Digital brochures provide quick access to your company’s information and product offers. Potential clients can download this brochure and commit at a later date.

To portray a professional, consistent image, Brand You designers shall keep the layout, colours and overall identity intact with every page of the brochure.

Printed Catalogues

Digital brochures provide quick access to your company’s information and product offers. Potential clients can download this brochure and commit at a later date.

To portray a professional, consistent image, Brand You designers shall keep the layout, colours and overall identity intact with every page of the brochure.

Annual Reports

One of the best ways to attract new investors is to print annual reports. Like any kind of printed material that your company launches, your annual reports should be able to present a branding confidence found most commonly in distinguished companies.


Newsletters are multipurpose – they update existing customers with new products or services, attract new leads, and provide value to the industry. When compared to annual reports (that are directed towards investors), newsletters aim to reach out to your company’s target market. As such, your tone should be more informal with newsletters, but continue to display your branding from page to page.

Direct Mail Campaigns

Direct mail campaigns are still a powerful marketing tool when done well. Who doesn’t like to receive a nice surprise in the mail? However, consistency and attention-to-detail here is key and must extend to the design, brand identity and brand message.

PowerPoint Design

When it comes to promoting products and services in the real world, PowerPoint continues to be the go-to program for presentations. If your company requires help with PowerPoint presentations, just send in your content and Brand You will handle everything for you while keeping the brand’s message, identity, values and style on-point throughout the presentations to media.


Brand You Web & Digital Agency also designs stationary that reflects your brand message with consistent design, colours, even down to the feel, weight and texture of the materials used. Our team of designers will plan, craft and print all of this consistently on budget and on time.


Packaging is also an integral part of a company’s branding. Are you a company known to be eco-friendly? Would using plastic for your product packaging display this corporate value to your customers?

In addition, many brands rely very heavily on the design, shape and style of their packaging as an overall brands concept or to dominate their place on a supermarket shelf. Brand You can follow your packaging specifications down to a T.


Whether you’re opening a new branch, or revamping your company’s logo, designing your signage is included in the company’s overall branding. This signage must also must fall line with your overall branding guidelines, since many potential clients will see your signage and should not be an afterthought in your marketing strategy.

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