Understanding Relationships with Money

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How do your emotions react to this subject?

How do you feel about your business?

How do you feel about your income?

How is your business going?

how do you feel about money?

why you touch money? 

There are many questions you can ask yourself about this subject, but let us get down to real issues that can cause problems in your business and life. If you are resentful in any way towards money, then this will stop the flow of success will affect the income or turnover your business deserve.

Your emotions /feelings always control which way your life and business turn out …. So each day, your actions and choices have a result. If you have been holding onto a negative feeling and resenting money, then you will keep making negative choices and keep ending up with the same result.

I have had the pleasure to meet all types of people and work with many business owners across all different industries. I helped them to build a better business and bring change through development and coaching strategies. Not only do we appreciate their business, but most of all, I am so grateful for each experience because I view each day, every customer and each issue we face together and each issue is face to face with each customer. This is so valuable… and I compare it to a university degree ….. This means that I value each experience, and this is my point about how we can change our view on our relationship with money.

Every day, I am challenged by my clients. In some cases, they blame me for their situation … this is a common occurrence but I do not take it personally.  I see it as a situation that we need to overcome and change. So I don’t resent.  I appreciate, and this gives me more customers to work with and more improved relationships, which equals more customers …. More income ….

So now, think about your relationships, especially the one you have with money.  It is the same principle.

When you are presented with a situation which makes you feel negative, or makes you react in a disempowered way such as…

When you are writing a cheque

When you receive a bill

When someone talks positively about a good income or a successful business venture

When presented with a solution which can help you but you resent the cost (money)

Here are some questions you can ask yourself to bring about awareness of your beliefs which might be blocking your success. Take some time with these questions and write out whatever comes to mind, remember this is a process and it might feel silly or you might resist … but this is exactly what the resistance is …. And by doing this process, you will achieve growth. Most of us don’t want to do this, but the people that do this process are the people who are successful. Why?  Because they are committed to change, improvement and this only comes about through awareness and emotional intelligence.

What are my emotions right now?

Are they negative and why?

Do these emotions have anything to do with this situation?

How can I change this feeling?

What do I need to do to bring about this feeling?

How would I feel if I take more responsibility for my actions and emotions?

How would it feel if I act differently and get a different outcome?

Can I do it?

Am I powerful?

Am I responsible for my emotions?

You can create any of your own questions which give you a different outcome. The key here is to change your emotional state. Like I always say, it is about small changes each day, small steps to bring about change, but first it starts with awareness.

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