Tips for Building Your Online Reputation using Social Media

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Character is like a tree and reputation like a shadow. The shadow is what we think of it; the tree is the real thing. (Abraham Lincoln)

Reputations can take years to establish however a bad reputation can take a mere moment. The same can be said of Social Media. 87% of visitors to

Here are a few tips to build your reputation:
Social Media believe in what is presented to them. They have a high level of trust in the Reputation of what is being posted.


Create a Social Media Marketing Strategy insure a social Presence


Once you have decided a relevant platform for your business you can incorporate it into your marketing plan. Having established this it is essential to identify your target audience by researching who requires your services and products and can support your brand. Now the exciting thing happens, you can now start interacting with your potential customers and build their trust and your reputation.


Sharing informative, interesting valuable content


If you can become an expert in your line of business customers will trust you and come to you for advice and this will increase your sales potential and build your customer base. This can be achieved by writing interesting and informative content as well as keeping your customers abreast of latest developments within your business. Share visual content which is relevant in the form of videos and striking images that reflect your brand. This will create  an element of trust and add to your reputation.


Building Social Campaigns


In today’s world of social media we can now reach literally millions of people at a press of a button and it would be folly to pass on this opportunity. It is essential therefore as the business grows to run paid advertising Campaigns, such as AdWords which allows you to enter this platform on a small budget. It is a good idea to place some incentives and place a ‘call for action’ for them to react and once your customers sees this, they feel you are serious about your business and they can trust you and your brand making your business more attractive.


Build a Blog


Blogs are a useful platform to share valuable information and to establish relationships with your customers. It helps to build your brand and profile as well as portraying you as a market expert. By posting interesting content should spark off discussion and attract new customers building an online reputation for your business. Blogs should be inspiring and informal with a hint of humor by sharing stories and ultimately linking with your website driving traffic to your business. Relative images, even videos make a visual impact and support your brand message and makes the blog more interesting and attractive. This will ultimately enhance your reputation and increasing customers to your website.


Be Social


Having decided which platform / platforms to use in your marketing strategy it would be a shame to neglect your customers and leave them wondering where you are. They will desert you. No surprises there then. By using social media you can build relationships and ideas by engaging and posting good relevant content. Relationships are not built in your sitting room watching T.V. You will have to push yourself and go out and engage with new customers, market leaders and promote yourself thus building your business’ reputation.

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