Throughout the years I have worked in sales  for different companies in sales.  I always reached my targets and excelled. Why? I always looked to the people in the company who were on top of their game. The sales training we received was good and I always appreciated such training. However, when it was done in large to medium sized groups, I did not feel the other representatives or I were getting the best sales training available.

When it was done on a one to one basis or in a smaller group, I felt this was a lot more effective. Having someone observe me while I was doing a sale always ensured the best results and I excelled in my sales through that type of sales training.  Real life scenario sales training is the best way of learning. I call this coaching and doing it on a one to one basis is the most effective way of improving and being on top of your game.

That’s why executives and people who are aware have a coach and mentors. They are very aware of improvement and how to get where they want to be because they know what to do with new information shown to them. There are so many sales training courses out there and so many large company sales training models are old and out dated. How can we get the best from ourselves and excel as business owners, sales managers and sales representatives?

Training vs. coaching: one to one coaching and real life scenarios will always improve your sales in a more effective way than in a large group where you have to take lots of information in all at once. Sales training is done in this way for many companies.  We need to realize that we are all individuals. So if you take an individual approach then you will get results which will improve your game and you will even surprise yourself.  So if you are thinking about doing a sales training course or want to outsource a company to do your sales training, you could reconsider bringing in a sales coach and work with individuals to get the best results possible.

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