Duvezy Duvets

Duvezy Duvets suppliers Dublin has communicated its commitment to providing high-quality and comfortable bedding solutions. Through a strategic branding approach, Duvezy Duvets has established itself as a trusted brand for luxurious and innovative duvets.

The company’s focus on branding has not only enhanced its market presence but also facilitated its product development efforts. By aligning its brand image with customer preferences and market trends, Duvezy Duvets continues to deliver exceptional bedding products that meet the evolving needs of customers in Ireland.

Services provided: Project-based, Consulting, and Coaching.


  • Client


  • Industry

    Clothing Manufacturer/Supplier

  • Timeline

    3 months and 10 years on-going support


Our Process

Challenges we faced – Develop the range and get the product decision-makers.

Solution – Involve the owner through the process through weekly calls and meetings to demonstrate the new concept.

Timeline – 6-month plan and strategy and Ongoing support.

What we provided

● Branding strategy
● Planning, Creation of Marketing strategy digital and traditional
● Improvement of packing
● Sales and presentation development
● Development of how to get products to markets.
● Design of all sales material
● Executing Digital strategy
● SEO, Google AdWords and Social Media

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