Cultivate food industry Ireland aims to communicate its unique vision and offerings effectively. Through a comprehensive branding approach, Cultivate has developed a distinctive brand identity that resonates with its target audience. The brand identity project plays a crucial role in positioning Cultivate as a trusted source for innovative products and services in Europe. By consistently delivering on its brand promises, Cultivate continues to strengthen its brand identity and expand its reach.

Services provided: Project-based and Coaching.


  • Client


  • Industry

    Agriculture, Food

  • Timeline

    3 months


Our Process

Challenges we faced – A few weeks’ deadlines to develop a naming and brand identity system for a European food sustainability program similar to McDonald’s, through online meetings.

Timeline – A weekend of full immersion and another week to develop names followed by the creation of storyboards for presentation to head managers. We made the process really simple for the client and everything was done online without meeting in person.

What we provided

● Brand Naming
● Brand identity system
● Brand style guide
● Brand Guidelines
● Social Media, web and digital designs

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