Codex digital agency Dublin, the company has collaborated with a consultancy to enhance its overall brand image. Through a comprehensive brand analysis and visual identity revamp, Codex aims to align its branding with its values and market positioning.


The consultancy and visual identity project include a thorough assessment of Codex’s brand assets, messaging, and design elements to ensure consistency and resonance with the target audience. By investing in consultancy and visual identity, Codex aims to strengthen its brand presence, attract new customers, and foster brand loyalty.


Services provided: Project based, Consulting and Coaching.


  • Client


  • Industry

    Office solutions

  • Timeline

    8 Weeks


Our Process

Challenges we faced – To develop an existing visual identity’ message which relates to the existing brand. Solution – Involve the owner through the process, and regular meetings in person and online, to understand the client’s needs and deliverables. We helped bring the clarity needed by the client to make the decisions required for the brand. Timeline – 8 weeks all completed.

What we provided
  • Re - Branding visual identity system
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