Glo Prep

Glo Prep is a credible, new age beauty platform that talks to women about every aspect of all makeup and everything beauty products. A space that curates’ high quality legitimate, unbiased & honest piece of content catering to Gen Z & Millennial females around the world.
Glo Prep is a collective and collaborative space that spotlights complex topics ranging from feminine wellness to every beauty product under the sun while championing the cause of beautiful, socially confident women around the world. Our motto is to create a judgement free space for women to seek advice, engage in meaningful debate on everything related to beauty
Glo Prep bridges the gap between the aspirational and accessible. The platform with contribution from expert reviews, eminent writers encompasses multiple vertical branded together. These range from researching and trying to find products, which fits best for you to providing honest approach about product that, are sponsored or get paid reviews.
Glo Prep will also provide a deep dive into female beauty culture with a thrust towards sustainable makeup habits, and lifestyle, with content in the form of short and long reads.

TYPE OF BUSINESS – Fashion industry

SERVICE PROVIDED – Project based, consulting & ongoing support


What we provided

  • Consultancy
  • Consultation to see all issues internally and externally
  • Recomendtations to change the brand’s perception
  • Project management
  • Brand Culture and Alignment
  • Brand Strategy
  • Brand Manual
  • Visual identity for logo, graphics
  • Brand Guidelines
  • Brochures
  • Website plan
  • Website design UI and UX


  • Audit PPC
  • Audit SEO
  • Audit Social media
  • 3 month plan SEO, PPC and Social media  


We laid out a plan and strategy for their brand strategy, brand alignment etc which included their existing services. We provided the client with brand strategy, mockups of brochure, guidelines, an logo and layouts from which they chose the one which fit the brand identity. From content we also provided them with guidance of image creation, selected the best images for their website, and sized them. We provided them with the CMS manual for their website and guided them around its functionality to be able to make changes for themselves.

Timeline – Project based



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