One month challenge

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One month challenge – yes the last month has been the most challenging for everyone at BrandYou

With all growths comes new challenges every day; how we handle them is the key to each out come. We all need to have the ability to adapt and a good emotional intelligence.
But the adaptability is the key ingredient to what I call getting the job done. To adapt and be able to switch it on and deal with any situation which arises always needs.

  • A plan
  • A good team
  • Communication
  • Stop freeze and start approach
  • Thinking time
  • Emotional intelligence

All of above is needed to grown not only as business owners but as a company as a whole each team member needs growth too.

We need to know what we need to do to improve and we things do go the way you planned we need to communicate this to our team.

We need to encourage and also to see our own improvements which can be the case and saying you made a decision or re acted (not too action) to a situation.

I want to thank Marek for all his dedication and good work the past month and he has risen to each challenge and took responsibility for each of his decisions.

He has coached Nadina in many areas and quite recently he took on board a new approach we discussed towards Nadina which has resulted in growth for Nadina himself and brand you as a whole.

Also I like to thank Nadina for all her effort this week especially where she has risen above each new challenge and has taken on new responsibility and has been able to deal with each task at hand.

A big thanks to the team who are continually to build good emotional intelligence and the ability to adopt but most of all give value in all that they do.

Lee Kavanagh

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