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MaxLife is athleisure brand. MaxLife prides itself as a brand that gives people the ambition and courage to present themselves in their most confident way. MaxLife is not just any clothing brand, it is a way of life. Humbly designed in Ireland, Maxlife was created in 2020 by one guy who was passionate about clothing and fitness. MaxLife was created to inspire the world to live life to their maximum potential. To bring a premium clothing to The world, that’s not just clothing but with a meaning and a purpose behind the clothing.
Maxlife will motivate anyone who has ever wanted more than just “enough. Producing clothes that fit your style and personality is only half of what we do. We like to provide an environment in which you feel empowered and confident so that when you wear our clothing, you will be able to go out into the world in your most confident self. Maximize your legacy!

TYPE OF BUSINESS – Fashion & ecommerce industry

SERVICE PROVIDED – Project based, consulting & ongoing support


What we provided

Branding & Design

  • Brand Audit and Analysis
  • Consultancy
  • Consultation to see all issues internally and externally
  • Recomendtations to change the brand’s perception
  • Project management
  • Brand Culture and Alignment
  • Brand Strategy
  • Visual identity for graphics


  • Audit PPC
  • Audit SEO
  • Audit Social media
  • 3 month plan SEO, PPC and Social media


We laid out a plan and strategy for their brand strategy, brand alignment etc which included their existing services. We provided the client with brand strategy, mockups of brochure, guidelines, an logo and layouts from which they chose the one which fit the brand identity. From content we also provided them with guidance of image creation, selected the best images for their website, and sized them. We set up Google Console and Analytics along with provide them with the CMS manual for their website and guided them around its functionality to be able to make changes for themselves.

Timeline – Ongoing



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