Steps to Make You Mentally Strong, in Order to Have a Successful Life and Business

19 steps to make you mentally strong

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It is often the case that we have to unlearn what we have learned, in order to really grow. This process is vital to learning anything new. In mentally strong successful people, they all have similar characteristics , things that they do and things they do not do.

Our actions are the only way in which we can measure the results in our life and business, and it is the awareness of these actions which can bring about the change we need in order to achieve our goal(s).

How often do you analyse your actions, review them and make changes?

How often do you invest training for yourself and other team members?

In order to achieve the goal, you need good resources around you, which includes the people in your team. You need people who are on your same level, and people who are more intelligent, so you can constantly be challenged to grow.

Here is a list of 19 things mentally strong people do
Can you see how many of these actions you actually do in your life and business? And if not, how can you adapt them, and start using them in your daily business/life now?

1. Focusing on the near future outcome – Focusing on the present moment and near future keeps you in control, as being in the now helps you focus in the right areas. The past does not have any power because its gone, so if you find you are dwelling in the past, or too much in the future, then switch the focus to what can I do now.

2. Stepping outside your comfort zone – it is always important to challenge yourself daily, in order to grow. If you stay in your comfort zone, this is not a good place, and it is the same as giving up. No pain no gain.

3. Always listen to others – options from others is so important, and to think you know it all is only a foolish move. If you let your ego get in the way, this will only hold you back. By listening, you can allow new ideas to flow and come up with a new way forward. Brainstorming, and regular meetings in a relaxed environment are key in listening to others.

4. Facing change – Everything is constantly changing, all the time, so the ability to adapt to any environment is one of the top 2 skills for life and business. Being open, and learning on a daily basis, helps this process happen more effectively. If you try to avoid change, you will not only be left behind, but it wastes your time and energy.

5. Keeping your mind open – you have to understand that everything you believe is not necessarily true. When you keep an open mind, you will find you will constantly let new beliefs come forward and accept them. You will constantly learn new material that will help you to fully live your life. Keep learning or stop learning, the choice is yours. To live or not to live, that is the question?

6. You make your own decisions (responsibility) – It is important to listen to others and other opinions, but at the end of the day, it is important that you make the decisions. This is how we take responsibility for our actions. If we make decisions ourselves, then we cannot blame anyone.

7. Embracing other people’s success – The opposite to this is jealousy and this is fear. Successful people always embrace other people’s success, because they can learn and see new skills, and they can apply them into their lives.

8. Thinking of the end result and how you will reach it – Although it is important to reach your goal, you need to have a plan. If you keep the end result in your mind all the time, then you will only stress yourself out. The motivation of the end result is good, but the day by day process, and the steps to reach the end result, is the thought process you can use.

9. Focus on all that you have achieved in this day. This is motivation at its best, as you acknowledge what you have achieved and this allows you to grow. It keeps you in the now moment, and powerful. If you focus on what you have not achieved, then how does this affect you? You see, the key to building your strength is to focus on the achievement.

10. Putting your focus on your strengths – This enables you to grow and work to your strengths. Your weakness is your weakness, so give this job or task to someone who is good in this area. Do not try to improve your weakness in a situation which has to have a result outcome. Work with your strengths, and in a team environment, your weakness will be someone else’s strength.

11. A job well done people pleasing – You cannot please everyone so when a job is done well, and someone is not happy, you have to set the boundaries and say no. If you people please, then the outcome will always not end well. The focus is always on the task, and delivering the job is always the focus, and when you do this correctly, people always appreciate why, because you value what you are doing.

12. Controlling you and things that are outside your control – You only have the power to control yourself and your situation. People who know this do not focus on what is not within their control and do not try to control the situation, they let it go. They focus on what they can do to change the situation for the best, and they make the changes; that is sometimes just letting go.

13. Having patience – You always need patience in order to keep the situation real, because when you lose your temper, you lose your power? Patience allows you to keep control of yourself, and make better decisions in any situation.

14. Clarity; how to clear up any misunderstandings – Moving forward is the key to misunderstandings because everyone encounters them on a daily basis. When you get the facts, you then can create clarity with all parties involved. Apologizing for any unclear actions from you, and then a clear plan of moving forward always clears up the situation for you and other parties involved.

15. Learn from your last mistake – When you make a mistake, most people say sorry and move on, but when you keep making the same mistake, over and over, then this is not a mistake, it is a choice, and sorry means nothing. The way to change this and learn is by changing you behavior, and this is what successful people do, as they are aware and make constant changes daily and learn from their last mistake, so not to repeat it again.

16. Aware of your fears – Everything always has an opposite. This is the same for fears. Being aware of them helps you to focus and understand them, so that they do not block you from achieving your goal. Like the saying – everything you want is on the other side of fear. Awareness of the fear helps you overcome it.

17. Calculating outcomes – Possibilities come from thinking and planning for outcomes, so taking the time to calculate possible outcomes helps you to control and always have a better result.

18. Embracing help from others – Skillful tool to use right? 2 is better than one and four is better than 2. So we always can embrace help from others, because this helps you foresee other prospective and helps with the workload. This is how we build things in life and business, embracing help from others.

19. Never giving up – When you give up on something, you are giving in to failure, and yes, failure is part of life and business – this is how we learn. So, never giving up is really learning, but the skill is that you continue forward, no matter how hard it gets. The key is to stop what you are doing, review and find the cause of failure, and start again with a new solution.

As an inventor, Edison made 1,000 unsuccessful attempts at inventing the light bulb. When a reporter asked, “How did it feel to fail 1,000 times?” Edison replied, “I didn’t fail 1,000 times. The light bulb was an invention with 1,000 steps.”


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