How to advertise your product or service for free

Here’s how you do product advertising in Dublin.

I’ve worked in the advertising industry for many years and everybody is trying to get the best they can for their business; advertising, marketing, sales strategies, and PR tools. What I’ve come to learn from working with my own clients and for myself is that there are many techniques and tactics you can use to get free advertising, PR and marketing.

Many people don’t utilize what they have. Using what you have got is of course the most important thing and it means sitting down, stopping to think about what you are doing and how to improve.

Through our coaching and services we help companies do that. Increase your sales is one of the services which incorporates what we are talking about here. Many of my clients would have spent a certain amount of money down through the years on Newspaper advertising. The Internet and online advertising is the way to go for businesses as well as using Face book effectively which we will discuss quite shortly.

Here are some real core examples of  free advertising:

One of my clients has a van parked outside his premises and for a number of years I encouraged him to park it in a busy location because the van is only on the road twice a week and the rest of the week it is just sitting there. It has lots of signage on it so basically it is free promotion as you know. To park it in a busy location when it is not being used is a very effective tool .

You could park it in some car parks for a set time and it could prove more effective over a course of weeks. You may have to pay for the parking but it would be more effective than newspaper advertising which would cost you an awful lot more money. My client parked his van in a specific  location and has been doing so over the course of nearly two months and now he has new clients as a result. It took him time to come around to this way of thinking but as we know information is power.

When it comes to certain people, I have noticed that you could give them the recipe to go on and do what they need to do in the business but some people don’t want to hear and it is too much hard work to sit down and plan an advertising strategy. However,   for those of you who do value information and are willing to sit down and develop.  It would be well worth your while to explore this avenue.

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