Getting Started With Social Media Marketing For Your Business

Here are Tips to kick starting your social media business page

Before using SMM platforms in Cork for your business, consider the following:

  1. Is your product B2B or B2C?
  2. Understand your audience
  3. Set up your page with clean, eye-catching images
  4. Create content that is shareable
  5. Follow people and be involved in a community

When you are starting your business business page it is important to decide which market you are aiming at. There is a difference between B2B and B2C.

B2B will be more interested in the details of the product and less interested in the customer aspect of the marketing plan. The decision process when buying is more lengthy as there are more processes to be completed by different internal departments.

B2C will be less interested in the details of the product and will want to know the benefits and value of the product or service. The decision process is more immediate and is generally based on emotion.

As a result your marketing message on your social media business page will differ considerably so its important to know your target audience.

Marketing to B2B


Depending on your business, you could be marketing to a B2B. So if you are kick starting your business on this basis you need to be aware that your focus will be on the logic of the product. This means you are concentrating on the elements of the product and really there is no emotion attached to the product purchase.

This will help when you are planning your advertising campaign.

When marketing on social media B2B advertising will be more specialised, so you will be looking at a niche market possibly. Your target market will be smaller than a B2C business so your budget will be smaller but your advertising budget may be bigger.

Your message should convey what your product or service means for their business and how it can be advantages for their customers.

Marketing to B2C


When marketing a B2C your consumer will want to know the benefits of the product. Consumers will make their decisions based on emotions and the speed of delivery. They demand goods or services almost instantly, they have become impatient, so their decision making will be fast.

As a result your marketing strategy should be eye catching and engaging.

Not only should your images on your business page be relative, but also enticing.

10 second videos have become very appealing. The marketer must get the message across within 5 seconds whilst producing an amusing or dramatic video which should relate to your target audience. Which brings us to understanding your audience.

Understanding your audience


It is astonishing that 2.8 billion people use social media. So where do you start when it comes to your social media marketing strategy.

You need to form a demographic profile, such as, age gender and income. You could form a more specific profile of your customer based on location, spending habits and social interaction.

When it comes to social media platforms to kick start your business page it is worth researching your market to see which ones will be the most suitable. For example YouTube reaches more 18-49 year olds than any cable network in the US.

You can download ‘Audience Guide’ to discover what makes; Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin, You Tube and Snapchat, Unique. This should help in deciding which platform to choose for your business page.

Creating Eye Catching Images

Social media is such a large platform to show off your business and choosing the right images to tie in with your brand will highlight and engage your business with new and existing customers.

Some businesses use stock images which can be a bit sterile and not really relevant to your niche business.

Using a real photographer will reflect your real business with real employees. Quality pictures of your products or services will convey authenticity and build trust.

Choosing the right colours shows the business’ personality and warmth. Using unconventional colours will make your posts stand out and be more recognizable on your social media pages.

This shows a strong visual message for your branding.

Making short videos about your business and images of your premises, products,and the manufacturing process, will go along way to driving traffic to your site and thus converting more customers to your business.

Creating shareable content


When creating content for your business page, social intelligence is key when creating your social media marketing plan. Having a connection with your customer base starts with showing your followers that you do exist and that you care about them.

Rather than launching into a snazzy ad campaign, start up a conversation with your followers and gauge what they want. This is the best free market research you can get and you can then build a community and grow your customer base.

Share your stories.Good and Bad. Show you are human and approachable. Use Facebook as you would with  friends and make your brand feel like a friend.

Give your followers informative content that is relevant to them, become an influencer and engage by exchanging ideas and give solutions to their queries.if your information is useful it will be shared, driving traffic to your site.

Follow Others


Social Media as suggested by its title is social, so by connecting with like minded people and following them will not only increase your followers, but conversely, by following others they will be aware of your presence and their followers in turn will see your business.

Research your market on social media and not only connect with other businesses, but likeminded groups who could be looking for your goods or services.

Again start a conversation, don’t get spammy, most groups have rules and don’t allow you to canvass their members. Imagine going to a coffee shop to meet a new group and saying, ‘ Hi, I’m Nick, do you want to buy________!

Find out who are the influencers in your industry and follow them, even offer them some unique information or ask for their thoughts. Some will reply, if they do, stay connected and be humble.

Be consistent and have fun with your new friends.

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