Free website templates vs commercial website templates

Free website templates vs commercial web templates

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When you are thinking about building a website using a website templates, you have to consider whether to use free or paid one. In general new website owners choose to use one of the website templates found on the Internet.

The main difference between basic and premium ones is the uniqueness of the design and availability additional features (applies to content management systems only).

Free website templates

What is the main reason to use free website templates? Of course because they are free! This is a great solution for people using website for personal reasons and people working on a small budget. Internet is filled with many websites offering thousands of free templates. There is a list of just a few of them:

Of course all of those services offer premium website templates as well, but the free ones are there to get you on their websites in the first place.

Unfortunately with free website templates there are also many disadvantages. If you are building plain HTML website you need to know how to code it. If you are using a CMS – content management system, you might be ending up installing a lot of additional plugins, in order to get functionality you want. It even might turn out, that some of the necessary features are only available with premium ones.

Paid website templates

There are three main advantages of using premium website templates:

  • Better design quality and support from the developer – because you are paying for the service provided, you expect more. Your design should better than other free website templates and when you are having trouble adjusting premium features to your requirements in most of the cases developers offer ticket or forum support.
  • Uniqueness of your design – when you are paying for premium website templates it will appear less often on the web.
  • Added functionality – many of premium website templates designed for CMS comes with additional functionality, premium plugins and intuitive configuration options.

There is only one real disadvantage of premium template – price. You have to consider whether your budget allows you to spend extra money during set up.

When deciding between free and paid templates, you have to consider the pros and cons listed above. We hope we have made this decision a bit easier for you.

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