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Email blasts are when a company sends out a mass email to every subscriber on their list. Sending personalised messages as email marketing strategies to each subscriber can be challenging. There are certain steps which are effective in engaging readers in email subscribing.

  • Create dynamic and storytelling content

Content that inspires its readers and engages in storytelling provides unique value to the online experience for the reader. While creating email campaigns it is important to include relevant content that relates to the brand and interests the subscribers.

The best way to do this is email newsletters that are rich with content and can include news, customer support stories and tips. Connecting with the subscriber in a personal way through interesting and engaging content can encourage them to convert into customers and explore the brand/company.

When a brand is able to connect with the audience on a personal level, a long lasting relationship has been built which drives customer acquisition and conversion.

  • Use Powerful subject lines

Readers’ inboxes are constantly filled with personal, promotional and professional emails each day. While they sift through it, deciding which email to open and which to skip or delete is decided on the basis of the subject line that they see at the first glance.

It is essential to create a subject line that is appealing to the readers and which will lead to higher engagement rates. The best subject lines are short, descriptive and promising. A creative tool to entice the readers is by including emojis, coupon codes or cliff-hangers.

  • Create polished email designs

Readers will not engage with emails if they are difficult to consume. Having a clear, crisp and creative email design is essential to customer engagement while using eye-catching and relevant images will encourage the customers to read through the email. The company has to make sure that the email is not only desktop strong but also easily adaptable to the mobile screen.

  • Personalize the emails

Marketing automation, third party integrations and segmented lists make email personalization easier and effective. Readers want content that is relevant to them and their interests. By adding their name in the subject line of the email is a great start.

Using segmented lists can enable the company to create personalized and targeted email campaigns. By using accurate data, sending individualized email messaging and behavior-triggered emails is a way to improve email personalization.

  • Segment the email lists

Segmenting the target audience lists allows the company to personalize the emails and connect with audience in a powerful way. Information relevant to one customer might not be relevant to the other so personalizing emails based on the target lists will improve email engagement rates.

The best way to segment the lists is through capturing data about the customer through a sign-up form. The company can gather information from subscribers like gender, marital status, age, profession and interests. After creating the segmented lists, the company can create email campaigns that are relevant to each customer and their interest.

This increases the personalization and relevancy of each email sent and can increase the rate of interest. Segmenting by user behavior is an effective way to segment the list. Email engagement requires creativity with a frequent flow in ideas and processes.

  • Use email marketing automation

In order to create segmented lists, the company should send out targeted email campaigns and measure its effectiveness. To do this reliable marketing automation is required. Marketing automation allows the company to nurture leads through customer journeys while converting them into customers.

These tools allow the company to implement workflows and send timely and consistent targeted email campaigns which are relevant. These tools allow the company to understand if the email campaigns have performed well across different segmented lists.

Through these tools the company can create customer profiles, different subject lines, measure email conversions, monitor click rates and increase rate of interest. Marketing automation creates a long lasting engagement with the subscribers while engaging with new ones.

Customer engagement is crucial to customer acquisition and customer retention but sometimes it can serve as a huge challenge when the company does not completely understand the customers. Need help reaching out and engaging with the right customers, say no more!  Call us on the above number or email us for your marketing and social media needs. Let’s plan a project together!

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