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Learn about cold calling tips in Ireland.

Someone once said that cold calling is not about pushing a product or service. Cold calling or sales calling is about planting seeds of memorable information within your prospective customers. For me personally I found it quite challenging in the initial stages. Having spoken with different people from varying industries it is clear that there is a lot of stigma attached to the words ‘cold calling. For many it amounts to this; some stranger on the phone pressurizing me to buy their product or subscribe to a service.

So how do we change people’s perception of cold calling? By changing our own perception of what exactly it is first! It is about planting seeds of information in the prospect’s mind, letting them know there are lots of options, and most importantly, engaging with them as people and not as a potential sale.


Here is the way we at break the cold call ice so to speak.


One of my colleagues will ring a potential market/business and ask to speak to the relevant person – either the owner or the marketing department. At this stage all she wishes to do is to email over a link to our website to introduce our company. This is followed up with the email. When it comes to my time to call the company to discuss what we do in a little bit more depth, it’s no longer a cold call. This person has already been introduced to us thanks to my colleague.

They have read our email and flicked through our website. As I have a range of videos on my website, the person I’m calling can put a name to the face and understand the type of services we provide.  This is a simple and effective way to break the ice and it is a lot easier to introduce your company cold calling in this format.

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