7 YouTube algorithm hacks you should know by now

Here are 7 YouTube algorithm hacks you should know by now

Youtube Marketing in Ireland

When it comes to social media Youtube 8 out of 10 users view their videos and as a result is the second largest search engine. Staggeringly the total time of Youtube videos is 3.2 billion hours per day ! This is a recognised as the second largest  platform for marketing businesses giving it more visibility.

Here are seven algorithms on YouTube you should know:




Without a title that creates immediate interest and makes you curious you will not get many clicks however good your video is. Best video titles YouTube are created by researching key words on Google Ads and tell the viewers what they expect to view. They should be clear and interesting.

Facebook and YouTube have applications to describe your content but they are not that accurate. Rev.Transcription will give the viewers an accurate description of your content driving them to view your video. SE Ranking keyword tool and what’s trending on YouTube can put you in touch with your target audience.


Youtube Thumbnails 

Thumbnails entice users to click immediately and makes your YouTube channel more attractive.  They should be relevant to the title and content. Include descriptions about your video to help people connect with the content. Amerisleep can custom thumbnails with a short description.


Limit videos to under 5 minutes

It is recognised that the majority of videos on YouTube is around five minutes which gives the maximum attention time, anything longer can be repetitive.

Make them interesting, short and informative and most of all relative. Do you really want to see a cat jumping up and down in an office trying to catch a ball. No!. YouTube Analytics can show you how your video is impacting your audience and increasing your brand awareness.


Using Company Logo 

Your logo conveys your company message and helps people to find you. By using banners you can use this to create links to your website and social media platforms thus increasing traffic to your website. Use Bannersnack to create online banners for your social media channels.This also reflects your company branding so it’s important to make it strong and unique.


Use Call to Action


If you make your content engaging and interesting you can add a Call to Action at the end of your video and make an offer of a Free extract from an ebook or a free training session to entice your audience to follow your videos and increase customer flow.

You can add your website link and ask for subscribers to lead them to the next step such as the next installment of your training program.


Share videos on Social Media


If you have taken the trouble of producing a great video why put it on one platform, YouTube? With the press of a button you can now share on all platforms on social media. Keep active and up to date with your postings across all mediums. Videos can also be used in business presentations, indeed John Cleese used this to great effect. (training video selling parts)


Collaborate with other YouTubers


By collaborating with other subscribers is a clever way to discover a new audience. Associating with other well known and established influencers makes you look good through association. Interact and ask your audience what they want to view in the ‘comments’ section. Offer to make videos on a joint basis to reach a wider audience. Work with other influencers from Facebook, Linkedin or Instagram. Brainstorming is a good way to reinvent your marketing strategy.

Don’t be afraid to be out of the ordinary, it will get you noticed and evoke comments from your target audience. Most of all have fun, keep it light and your audience will appreciate that and your following will grow exponentially. We can teach you all the hacks to excel on YouTube! Call us on the above number or email us for your marketing and social media needs. Let’s plan a project together!

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