5 Things You Should Avoid on Social Media

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So social media five things what not to do so it does kind of a misconception a lot of different feelings about social media out there at the moment call thing is that you know this fundamental things that you can do that anyone could do actually to get some consistency to look and be professional and you know to get your message across to a list five things here on what not to do which will will help you guide you on on your path

  1. Number one do not post irregular irregularly is nothing worse than not having a regular posting just put up with post willy-nilly wants day 1 and 6 6 weeks 7 weeks if you can take yourself serious then how do you expect anybody else to take it seriously
  2. Copying other people’s content without any personal angle. It’s ok to use other people’s content so long as it fits into your strategy of your own content and you write your own or some notes on your own personal take us lands on the subject or graphical whatever it may be product markets.
  3. Completely outsourcing your marketing social media plan. It’s ok to outsource your social media so long as you have input a lot of people outsource completely and don’t understand that as the business owner of business managing teams you know your business better than anybody else vital that you have imported with the contents I’ve seen it so many times people just think that they going to do it all for them and not have any import sit back so it’s very important that you give the time to it in the more of that you would do working with the outsource company the most successful the campaign will be so do not outsource your social media take me to somebody I hope they gone to you know creating amazing campaign without any of your input.
  4. Don’t make your content plan all about sales. Remember your building relationships with your target market people and trust so if you focus on all about sales it’s going to be too pushy and people will feel that which you will hence will get you letter to patients I loved her less reputation that you wish to achieve so do not make your post all about sales.
  5. Don’t try to guess pretend you know something when you don’t. If you’re not sure about something you don’t know we need to learn it if you need help if you need help or we need to outsource you still need to know the fundamentals and if you’re working with somebody you can ask them to train or coach you the fundamentals are you coming up for the stuff online that is the keep also your content is has a verb fundamental plan and you know what you doing the starting where’s letters say them put together something you don’t know what you’re doing in your guessing so to remember to learn the fundamentals.

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