5 Common Social Media Mistakes to Avoid

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Social Media has grown so fast and become popular because consumers were sick and tired of feeling unappreciated and ignored. It’s frightening to thin that 57% of people now communicate online rather than talk to people in real life.

So it’s not surprising that 5 common social media mistakes are being made on a regular basis, probably without you knowing.

The common mistakes are numerous but we shall concentrate on the five that stand out.


1 . Incomplete Profile & Unattractive Front Page    


It is a common mistake not to fill out the profile on the brand page and the potential customer does not know what your about or who you are. All platforms need a consistent profile that reflects the brands message and stands out and comes across as attractive:

  • Upload an attractive cover photo that reflects your brand’s personality including a description of your business.
  • Complete the information on your profile and add the link to your website, blog or contact page.
  • Choose the right category of your business so it can be easily found.
  • Use Facebook’s applications in order to take full advantage of your profile page and make it more attractive. 

2 . Failing to Create a Social Media Marketing Strategy


When you have established your business niche, audience and product you need to tackle your social media marketing strategy. It is alarming how many companies have not done this and it could well be you so without this in place it will be like building a house without foundations.

If you join Social Media and create an impressive profile, post great content to reach your customer base and then do nothing, you disappear! Your site becomes like a deserted town with tumble weed blowing through the streets. Your audience are wandering where you are and some people want to engage or ask your advice and there is no one there to connect with, why have social media ?

This is an absolute definite to put a marketing strategy in place. Make a short and long term plan across all platforms and make it consistent , fresh and relevant.

Connect with your target audience and build relationships. Ask yourself, how did I meet my partner, wife or husband. Not by looking at a screen and hoping someone will press ‘Like’


3 . The Wrong Brand Culture


Are you in selling mode? In other words are you spamming and posting inappropriate images or videos of your boating holiday on the Med. How are you going to handle negative comments. It’s an idea to follow brands you like and see how they communicate with their customers. See how they deal with negative comments. The last thing your customers want t see on your platforms is confrontation and ignoring comments. Show that you are concerned and be positive, offer to rectify the problem even if you are at fault. Your audience will respect that.

Sharing knowledge, showing your products and introducing your team will engage and educate your followers which will develop a brand culture which will be attractive to your client base thus increasing followers to your business.


4 . Poor Quality & Inappropriate Images


There is no excuse in today’s age of technology to take a bad picture, you don’t have to be a professional photographer with studio lights and reflectors. Use your Smart Phone, the quality is amazing and very professional. A common mistake is to post

images that are not relevant to your brand and business message. There are thousands of stock images or take some of your team and business projects and talk about them. Share amusing stories, engage. It’s true, Every Picture tells a Story.

Posting poor images reflects your company branding and can send out the wrong message.

A clear profile picture in keeping with your brand image will be the first impression your audience will see so it’s important to impress and keep it consistent throughout your platforms.The first image is instantly forgettable whereas you would remember the second image which is very strong but reflects a soft friendly message.

Using stock and your  images should be consistent with your marketing message and will make your brand  more enduring.

Images should be appropriate to your platforms and again be consistent throughout your marketing campaign.
Good quality images allow your audience to remember your message, who can forget; McDonald’s, Coca Cola and Nike.


5 . Finding Target Audiences


So your setting up a graphic design company and all your social media platforms are established, do you now sit back and hope someone finds you on the web and sends you a message to make

an appointment to take on their total design project. You have got more chance of playing n the Wimbledon final against Fedora. This mistake is made more than you think and again a strategy is not put in place.

To build a solid customer base you should identify your target audience and strategize your market plan accordingly. Think about the points below and do some research and that put into action through your marketing plan :

  • Age 
  • Location
  • Gender
  • Income level
  • Education level
  • Marital or family status
  • Occupation
  • Ethnic background

When you have identified your target audience, be excited and start engaging and build relationships that could be long lasting building trust, only then will you achieve your goals.

One of the best ways to learn is to make mistakes, so when you set up or already have social media platforms, mistakes will be made. As long as you learn that’s great and you will end up with an attractive site where you can engage with your target customer base. Keep it FUN and FRESH.

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