10 Steps to Improve your Business Management and Marketing

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When it comes to management and marketing, it is vital that you have organisation, because if you do not have organisation, what happens is you do not get the results you want.
So many businesses do not have the correct structure and procedures in place, or they have some of it right, but fall down in certain areas which are not being properly utilised.

Here are 10 steps, which are key ingredients to delivering a healthy, profitable business. How many do you use?

1. A system – do you have one?

Each and every company should have a good working system whether it comes to your management, your sales or all your business structures and procedures

2. Project managementdo you use project management?

A project management plan is critical to developing your product and services, as it stops potential unpleasant surprises, and helps to improve your customer service. It helps to manage each process of the tasks needed to achieve your goals.

3. Weekly/daily/ monthly meetings – how many meetings do you have?

Management and staff meetings are very important, as they help improve internal communication, and allow everyone to voice their concerns, and give vital input to your business growth. Each individual feels appreciated for their inputs.

4. Outside input (mentors) – do you consult with mentors or outside advice or direction?

Getting input from outside sources is important to help you make decisions. Obtaining all the information first, in order to make informed decisions, is key to successful management and marketing. Always take your time in this process, to remove all positive or positive emotions, and base your final decisions on facts.

5. Organisation – how good are your organisation skills? How well is your business organised?

To improve your organization means to commit to improvement on a daily basis. If you want changes, then make sure that you make a plan to tackle, and take small steps to tackle whatever it is you want to organise. Organisation brings clarity, and this gives you improved structures and procedures. A healthy business always gets the job done, and improves the overall performance, and takes your business to the next level. Therefore, be sure to get organised.

6. Research – how often do you commit to researching new ways of improvement?

Information is powerful, but the right information is more powerful. If you do your research correctly, you can be guaranteed better results. So, commit to weekly research sessions – they can be as little as 1 to 4 hours per week.

7. Strategy – do you have a strategy?

A good plan is key, but your strategy is just as important, as you need to strategize. Having a strategy for your business helps you to adapt to any situation. You have to plan change, and being prepared for that helps you to grow your business. Regular development sessions and reports, helps you to analyse and improve your strategy all the time.

8. Do what your competitors are not doing

In most cases, throughout your competition, you will usually find that the business which is most successful does something differently, be it by investing more into training for yourself or your team, or by offering a better value to your customers. In some cases, you may be giving a great deal of value, but do not show that to your customers. The key here is to stand out, so research today and do something differently.

9. Invest in your staff/team

Your staff/team is the key elements to build your business. Businesses do not build people, people build businesses. So, it is imperative that you invest, because the more you invest, the more your business will grow.

10. Relationships

Spend time building more relationships with the right people, who are going to help you grow the business. In most cases, you should study your customers and see how you can improve your relations on weekly basis. Again, I use the word value; the more value you can offer them, the more they will invest in you, and what you do for them.

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